• Fitness Trainer Edmonton

    Working with Derek Kearns as my personal trainer for the past nine months has been one of the best experiences in my 18 yearlong fitness journey.  For many years I prided myself on reading, researching, experimenting and becoming “self-taught” in all things health and fitness.  And while I believe whole-heartedly that there is nothing better than empowering yourself with knowledge, part of that process needs to include a professional’s guidance.  I was inspired to “finally” hire a personal trainer when I observed Derek at our gym training in Olympic Weightlifting and as I was always interested in strength training, the Olympic lifts were something I wanted to learn as well – and I knew I couldn’t do this on my own.  We started with the fundamentals and strictly training those lifts.  This was a great experience and I achieved what I wanted to, but throughout the past nine months he has taught me so much more about myself in regards to mental and physical fitness.  Dealing with the challenges of certain injuries and physical restrictions at times, Derek has persevered and continued to change and shape my plan and training to suit me and where I am  physically and mentally.  He always takes the time to check in with me and find out where my body and mind are at and I feel like he truly cares and wants to me succeed in all areas of my life.  He truly is an exceptional trainer that has a unique and holistic approach in training his athletes.  I highly recommend Derek as a trainer that will focus on the “whole” of the client!

  • Fitness Trainer Edmonton

    I trained with Derek for 3 years at Body by Bennett west Edmonton. And felt privileged to have him as my trainer.  Derek is passionate about fitness and training.  Personal Training is his chosen profession, for good reason.  As such, he brings skill, intuition, energy and enthusiasm to each session, without fail.  

    Derek made each workout challenging, while being achievable.  creative (there is always something new).  Derek places a high value on correct form with each exercise in order to optimize its impact and to avoid injury. He motivated me to push past my perceived limits to get a better result.  I cannot call the workouts ‘fun’.  I like to refer to them as being ‘addictive’.  

    And the results are noticeable.  I have increased energy and general strength.  My balance and flexibility have improved immensely.  These results translate into a better quality of daily life. (I can now shoulder check without effort, garden for hours without becoming tired or sore and shovel the driveway without much effort.) A side benefit:  I've developed shoulder, arm and core muscles for the first time.

    If you are thinking about ways to improve your quality of life, Derek will lead you every step of the way.  And it’s never too late.  I am became a senior citizen while training with Derek.  The good news is I feel better now than I did a decade ago.