The iTrack App


Our easy to use iTrack Fitness App matches you with a Personal Trainer who will develop a customized program for you to follow and track right on your phone.

 You can workout from anywhere and you will receive step by step video instruction, a communication platform with your trainer and most importantly,

your program will be tailored to you by a REAL (experienced, certified and qualified) Personal Trainer that understands customized fitness programming that will get you RESULTS.





There are 8000+ fitness apps on the market... Why iTrack?

> Extensive library of step by step exercise videos to ensure proper form and maximize your results 

> Track your progress by recording sets, reps and personal bests 

> Direct messaging with your certified Personal Trainer 

> Built in meal planning software 

> Syncs with MyFitnessPal, FitBit and Facebook 

> Free assessment to ensure we understand your goals, any injuries, fitness ability etc.


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What clients say about the iTrack App:



"Best training program/app I've used ...the stats I needed right on the main screen. Workouts are easy to follow with demo videos.

Derek you made it so easy! Highly recommend iTrack Fitness."





"I absolutely love the app. A new program every six weeks keeps it fresh and new and Derek is always checking in to see what the goal is for every cycle and then builds the program accordingly. I have been using it for almost two years and can’t imagine fitness without it.

Derek is also a great trainer with great attention to detail and an even better person. So supportive."