What We Do

At iTrack Fitness we understand that it’s tough to get to the gym and meet
our trainer 3 - 5 times per week to get the results you want. That’s why we
spent four years developing software that allows your plan to be totally
customized for you, yet accessible right through your phone.

Flexible, convenient and proven to be effective, we combine face to face training
and online training to create your customized Personal Training programs.
Depending on your schedule, budget and goals, we will develop a program
that gets you on the right track.



Client deadlifting

iTrack Was Born 

iTrack Fitness Inc. was started by Derek Kearns, who after five years of working at a well known local Edmonton gym, he noticed a gap between client goals, their accountability, time commitment and the Personal Trainer’s plans. One of Derek’s favorite quotes might give you insight into why he so strongly believes in the iTrack system:

All winners are trackers. You cannot manage to improve something unless you measure it" – Darren Hardy

With this in mind, Derek created a system around accountability for both the client and trainer to enjoy using. The results? In just a few years, iTrack has helped numerous clients get faster results with programs that are accessible and tailored to busy lifestyles.

Work with Us

As our client, you choose how often you would like to work face to face with a trainer, how many workouts you want to commit to a week and if you’d like a nutrition plan to follow. Our Personal Trainers will base your program on what you want and need to reach your goals.

After our trainers do a thorough complimentary assessment and goal planning session with you, you will be given a plan specific to achieve the results you want. The cost will vary depending on your plan, how often you would like a face to face personal training session etc. Inquire here about pricing.

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The Gym

All face to face personal training sessions with your trainer will take place at Alligator Alley Personal Training in the South side of Edmonton (See map of location). This immaculate private studio has over 3200 sq feet of training space, a turf track, an Olympic weightlifting platform, and private changing rooms with lockers, showers and towel service. 

Can't make it to the gym? No problem. As a client you will be able to access your workout from your phone, anytime, anywhere with our iTrack app. Your trainer can see when you are logging in for workouts and the app is loaded with several features to keep you motivated and accountable.  You can send instant messages to your trainer, sync popular apps like myfitnesspal, compare progress photos, record body measurements, track personal bests and join groups with other like-minded clients.


  • What our Clients Say

    "Working with Derek Kearns as my personal trainer for the past nine months has been one of the best experiences in my 18 yearlong fitness journey.  For many years I prided myself on reading, researching, experimenting and becoming “self-taught” in all things health and fitness..." Read More

  • iTrack Fitness is hiring!

    We're looking for awesome, personable, professional trainers to join our team. You can choose to work in house with clients face to face OR work for yourself as an online trainer.

    Check out our career options for you.




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    9404 41 Ave NW Edmonton

Our Fitness Training Services include: Corporate Wellness | Online Personal Fitness Training | Personal Fitness Training | Small Group Training | Athletic Training

iTrack Fitness Inc. serves clients across EdmontonSherwood ParkSt. AlbertNiskuLeduc, and Spruce Grove, Alberta.