Personal Fitness Training Edmonton, AB

We're excited that you're ready to take the next step and get serious about your fitness goals. Whether your intent is to run a marathon, lose those pesky 10 pounds, enter an olympic lifting or powerlifting competition, or just have fun and get the most fit you've ever been, our trainers are dedicated to helping you get there!


We start with a thorough assessment of your movement, current fitness level and goals. We will discuss how Personal training will be worked into your schedule and decide together what you can commit to. Whether that is one face to face session with your trainer per week, or five weekly session! All of our clients are signed up to utilize our iTrack app for their training as well. Which means if you want to train once or twice a month face to face with your trainer, and the rest is given to you through the app, you can do that! At iTrack, your fitness plan will be customized for your life. 


Do you prefer to train with a partner or in a small group? Or maybe you're at a distance or prefer to train on your own with a customized fitness plan. Whatever your preference, ability, schedule, location, or budget, we can make a plan for you! Check out our Online Training or book your free assessment.


Face to face personal training sessions with your trainer will take place at Alligator Alley Personal Training in the South side of Edmonton. This immaculate private studio has over 3200 sq feet of training space, a turf track, an Olympic weightlifting platform, and private changing rooms with lockers, showers and towel service. See location ,.

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Other Fitness Training Services include: Corporate Wellness | Online Personal Fitness Training | Small Group Training | Athletic Training

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