Corporate Wellness Programs

Employers are starting to recognize that having fitness be a part of their corporate culture is creating happier, healthier employees who perform better at work. Corporate Wellness programs can attract new, quality employees, reduce absenteeism and health care costs as well as significantly impact the corporate culture and team bonding!  It's a win win.

Whether you need our help to put a gym in your workplace or you want to create custom programs for your employees, run a corporate challenge or educate your employees about health through a lunch n’ learn, we’ve got you covered.  The iTrack app has proven to be a great way for corporate teams to get their health on track, together! They can participate in challenges, see when other employees are being active and post photos and comments.  We also have experience doing personal training and group classes on site and have organized fitness related events for our corporate wellness clients.

Let us help you put something together that will motivate your team and contribute to a strong company culture. 

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Other Fitness Training Services include: Online Personal Fitness Training | Personal Fitness Training | Small Group Training | Athletic Training

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