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With Leduc being so close to South Edmonton, iTrack Fitness is just a quick 20 minute drive away and could easily be on your way into or out of the city. We are located between Southgate Mall and South Common so if you’re headed shopping, or headed to or from work, come by for your FREE fitness assessment with one of our skilled Personal Fitness Trainers. In this assessment, we take the time to understand your mobility, any injuries or limitations you may have, as well as your current fitness level and it is crucial in helping us develop a personalized fitness plan that fits your goals and abilities. 

We also utilize the iTrack App to guide you through your online workouts at home, in the park, or even at another gym if you prefer not to work with a trainer every time! Your time and budget should always be considered when working with a Personal Fitness Trainer so we offer flexible and convenient plans that are built specifically for you. 


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